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This photo gallery contains images collected from before the initial groundbreaking ceremony until the present time. It shows all areas and aspects of the garden, documents many of the events that have occurred here, and introduces the people who have played important roles in the garden’s growth and evolution.

As you wander through the virtual garden, you will find both images and stories. These stories are told by the people who originally created the garden, those who now care for the garden, and those whose lives have been touched and transformed by the garden.

The images and quotations in this photo gallery come from the following people:

  • Julie Mann and David Crow are the founders of The Learning Garden.
  • Julie Mann is the treasurer and chief administrator.
  • David Crow is the publicist and writer for the garden.
  • The Garden Master is David King.
  • The Horticulture Program at Venice High School is taught by Diane Pollock.
  • Jan Davis was the principal of the school when the Garden began.
  • Jackie Domac is the former chair of the Health Education Department.
  • Robert Newman is the expert consultant for the Chinese herb garden.
  • Keiko Cronin was the Academic Dean of Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine.
  • Brian Bailey is a long-term volunteer. Brian is also funded by the Environmental Protection Agency to teach composting to the high school students.
  • Emily Snider is a long-time volunteer who played a major role in the building of the garden’s infrastructure.
  • Christine Walker is the creator of the California native plant and cacti garden.
  • Stephen Gates was the original landscape designer.