Welcome to The Learning Garden

The Learning Garden is located at Venice High School in Venice, California.

The Learning Garden was launched in March of 2001. Since then it has quickly become one of the country’s largest and most successful school gardens. Watch a video about The Learning Garden!

soil_1The Learning Garden is a model example of how school gardens can transform the lives of students and teachers and the environment of their community. For several years, many groups worked with the high school horticulture program to transform the 60,000 square foot plot of land into a garden, but due to lack of stronger community support it remained mostly an eyesore filled with trash, overgrown with weeds, and a magnet for vandalism. Today, the agricultural plots are filled with organic food grown by the high school students. Health-related classes such as tai chi, qigong, and natural food cooking are offered on its large stone patio. The garden has a large medicinal plant section for educational purposes, a pond with a water garden and waterfall, and a California native plant and cacti garden. A community garden is tended by local volunteers, and numerous groups and organizations use and support the garden.

turtle_1The Learning Garden is much more than a garden. For the students of the high school it is an opportunity to be closer to nature, a place to learn about respecting the environment and taking care of plants and animals. For the teachers it is a place of solace. For the community it is a place of visual beauty. For those who have dedicated thousands of hours to making the inspiration of the garden a reality, it is a joyful and fulfilling accomplishment. For all who come, whether to a single event or as a regular volunteer, The Learning Garden is a remarkable and unique place that touches something deep in the heart and soul.

people_4Since the first groundbreaking ceremony, The Learning Garden has received ongoing support and assistance from many generous benefactors and hard-working volunteers. The garden was founded by Julie Mann and David Crow. The Garden Master is David King. The Horticulture Program at Venice High School is taught by Diane Pollock. Students from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine have played a major role in the development of the Chinese medicinal herb garden, and the school holds regular classes and events at the garden. The Agape Spiritual Center is actively involved in regular work days and special projects at the garden. The UCLA Horticulture Department teaches its extension program at The Learning Garden. Students from Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine contributed to the development of the herbal database.

For a complete listing of those who support and are involved with The Learning Garden, visit our Virtual Garden Tour.